Saturday, November 14, 2015


The day I arrived Mr. H had excitedly planned to have stew baked in a pumpkin for dinner. Mrs. H dutifully prepared the stew, and the pumpkin went into the oven around 4:30pm. At 8pm, all faint from hunger, we finally gave up trying to cook in a pumpkin. So the stew came out, got boiled, and the chickens got the pumpkin.

Friday I cooked meat, made brownies, vacuumed, and took a nap; then an interesting person named Cedric came over to help Mr. H with outdoor clean-up prep for the retreat. Cedric is from France, and he married Laurel, who is a Cadence missionary who spent several years in France; and through the wonder of internet dating, Cedric is now her husband. Cedric has a very nice French accent, and I feel soooo bad when I can't understand what people are saying! Anyway, we all went over the Cedric and Laurel's house for dinner and Bible study Friday evening: and we had pumpkin soup. Cedric and Laurel were very kind. They gave me a stamp for a letter.

Cedric and Laurel Givry.

While we were at Bible study we found out about the tragedy in France. It was maybe more meaningful praying for the country of France with someone who lived there.

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