Monday, November 16, 2015

A Ladies' Retreat

Saturday was the ladies' retreat here at Victory Ranch.  There's only one more guys retreat and then the Ranch gets a break for the Holidays, construction, and repair, until sometime in January.

Teaching time in the Living Room

We had one chaplain candidate and two college students come as volunteers. We were expecting thirty women, but it turned out that only eleven came. Which was fine- eleven is still a fair amount.

Making cards to send home
As always, it was a very diverse group; though most of the ladies were fresh out of high school and going into the National Guard or Reserves after training.

One of the volunteers had a birthday
We fed them soup, and apple cake, and breakfast for dinner. There was so much food.

Lots of eating
We had a game a Bible session in the morning, and a game and Bible session in the afternoon, and lots of free time. It was a beautiful day, too.

Walking to Church

On Sunday we walked across the pallets to Church(Beulah Baptist) for a very Baptist Sunday School lesson and a very Baptist service. Later on Sunday guests arrived at the Ranch: Tim and Bobbi Bettger. The Bettgers are Cadence missionaries transitioning from Fort Drum to Florida, and Victory Ranch is on the way!

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