Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Been Married a While

Growing things, in February! Because it's never winter in Texas.

We've been married a month now, which is a little weird. Good, but strange to think about. Life is going along. We finally just had our first Saturday without obligations. Other than John's necessary school(even on Saturdays), we visited a thrift store that the church ladies swear by(at least, if the church ladies swore, they would) and Sprouts: a health food store. We also had heart-shaped waffles with melted chocolate and strawberries for breakfast, and epic lasagna for dinner. We're getting fat. Or at least, I am. John's body refuses. Life is not fair.

More settled than last time.

We added to our family a three-pound container of Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix and the World's Tiniest Humidifier. It's so adorable. Sooo teeny tiny sitting on our counter. That's one interesting thing about two people living in an apartment: everything is so small and cute. Curtains are up! Still waiting on wall hangings. We have live plants, too.

I think the pottery cup shelf is my favorite.

World's Noisiest Washer: It washes!

Kitchen curtains and table.

I'm more and more missing having a convection oven and broiler. World's Tiniest Oven does function as an oven, but that's all that can be said for it. I've never burned to much food in my life. Thankfully even the worst of my cooking(which isn't really that bad) is still better than what John was eating at the bachelor pad, so he doesn't seem to mind!

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