Monday, February 15, 2016

Life in Texas is Nice and Warm

My first Valentine's Day with a sweetheart! I'm sorry, but if we're being honest it really is a better holiday when you do have a significant other.

Really Nice Flowers

Life keeps going. The adorable humidifier is pumping it's life away; half my seedlings have already overheated and died, because it's in the 70s here; and I cannot for the life of me keep anything from burning in the oven. It's a older single-coil oven, and the dial with the temperature markings is worn so exact temperature control is nearly impossible.

Speaking of holidays, I had a mental meltdown when I realized that this year's Easter would come without the purple Indonesian tablecloth I've seen on the table every Easter for most of my life. A cursory search on Amazon revealed that tasteful batik tablecloths are few and expensive. Oh well. We get to make our own traditions.

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Motherpearl said...

Wow, looking at those tablecloths made me very thankful for the pretty one I got in Indonesia!