Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Being Really Sick

Well, since my last posting I had another decline in health. After a week of solid invalidism, virus and infection, John took me to the clinic to get a prescription for some antibiotics. Now I've been blessed with a life free of major accidents or illnesses, plus mom being a nurse, so I'm fairly sure I haven't been to a doctor since I was five. It was interesting and felt slightly defeatist. 

The nurse established that I am five feet tall and currently weighing 97.5 lbs(don't be jealous, I just hadn't been eating) and my blood pressure was 110/72. I also signed fifty million papers allowing them to disclose my information, to someone, somewhere, for some reason. I thought I would beat them to it and just post it here.

My plants on our back step.

We got the antibiotics. But, long story short, it wasn't a bacterial infection after all, just a really long-lived virus; possibly the measles. So all in all I've had a rough two weeks, and I'm very happy to finally be feeling better, and finally catching up on everything that got dropped for those two weeks.

The First Quilt Block.
One of my projects is making up some examples of early quilting styles, to be used as conversation points back at Ft. Atkinson. I'll be making a few simple pieced blocks appropriate for the era, and then hopefully some plain wholecloth blocks, and maybe I'll try trapunto. This is the first pieced quilt block I've ever made, and it's not perfect- but it will do. I think when they all get done it will be a nice little collection!

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