Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Finally Some Projects!

Finally I have some sewing projects coming up!

Very odd colored fabric for a new dress.

  • A new dress for myself. I applied to volunteer at a local City Park that has several log cabins dating from 1840 up to 1870, which were moved to the site some fifty years ago. So that's one reason I sold my colonial dress- to fund a new dress for volunteering. I have to say, I haven't liked any of a 1840s fabrics I've seen that are darker, more practical colors. They are super busy and slightly oppressive to the eye! I'm a short person, and if I decorate myself in a busy fabric I'll look like a clump of Victorian wallpaper.
  • A 1770's coat in navy blue linen with plain domed pewter buttons. It will be the same pattern as the green wool waistcoat, only with sleeves and a more curved front. It will be fun to get back to coat-making! And in linen, too. All the coats I've made previously have been in wool.
  • A silk dupioni table runner. A simple project, but I don't get to work with silk much, so that's nice.
Green Wool Waistcoat, June 2015

So I got sick last weekend. Nasty sick. Bedridden. On Tuesday I was finally well enough to want to eat, so I peeled myself off my sickbed and risked fainting in the produce aisle. And I forgot to buy toilet paper- sorry, John! I had two mangoes, a grapefruit, strawberries and blackberries. And chocolate covered espresso beans. It was wonderful. But I'm still sick and very much looking forward to being healthy again.

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