Monday, October 31, 2016

Maternity Clothes

Figuring out some form of maternity clothes to cover the growing, kicking baby, and still keep my standards of modesty. I hesitate to buy too much labeled as maternity because of the price, and without seeing it in person; so far I've purchased one Pink Blush maxi dress off Zulily and a skirt and dress off Motherhood Closet. I have a few more options I'm considering on Amazon(high neck tunic? Loose knit pants?), but we'll wait and see on those. I also haunt Pinterest, which has become something of a demise since I got morning sickness, for maternity sewing ideas.

T-shirt Maxi Dresses

So far the most I've done in sewing for myself is refashion $2 tees from the thrift store+ $3 maxi dresses, also thrift store =very comfortable T-shirt dress that fits the current me, is cheap and easy to make. I prefer to wear a blouse, sweater, or bolero over top as well, just because otherwise it really does look like you're wearing one big t-shirt. I haven't found any good local place to shop for ready-made maternity clothes, but it's on the to-do list.

T-shirt dress with blouse

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