Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Peaks and Valleys

I've just been chilling with my mango, which is turning me into a pear. My morning sickness seems to be fading. I'm very grateful to be feeling much less nauseous; but still tired!

Breeches front.

I've had six orders of trousers and breeches in the past two months. Definitely my best-sellers, but I do get tired of those leg plackets especially. Getting paid is nice though!

Breeches back.

I also have a pile of projects that haven't been touched those months of being sick: a baby quilt; maternity clothes; curtains for a friend; slip covers for a new gifted rocking chair. A baptismal gown! I'm slowly trying to get those done.

We went to the nearby town of Granbury over fall break and had a wonderful time. It's a wild west sort of town, with a man-made lake surrounded by new resort-style hotels. We stayed on the square and confined our outings to that older part of town. We had good food, saw the local Presbyterian church(they still use the bell!), visited the library book store, and stayed in a historic hotel. Very relaxing and much needed!

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