Thursday, July 26, 2018

Animals and Exploring

Since we've arrived there's been a large collection of stuffed animals on display in the student center. It's quite a large and varied collection that someone now dead had donated. Well, along with other changes on campus the animals were recently moved to a storage room in the basement, no more to be admired. John was on the crew that moved them all, and the last to get moved was a huge elk that was, apparently, quite difficult to get down the stairs into the basement. Then John came home sneezing, so we figured he must be allergic to elk hair.... or maybe just dust.

Last week we took Baby M to the Art Museum, which is free and has a children's playroom. It's too hot and uncomfortable for me to take M out much at this stage, and we both get a little housebound. She enjoyed getting out, and it's fun to see her explore. She walked around the art displays, which made a few people nervous, but she's too short to reach anything anyway. Then this week John took her to the children's museum- of course she loved that too. We are glad we get to spend some special time with Baby M before another sibling comes along.

Not much more time before that happens, either. We're slowly knocking out my to-do list, which takes a while because John has all the big chores on the list and he's away working already! I am thankful that our upstairs air conditioning got fixed, but it's the strangest thing- some evenings now there's a strong smell of what seems to be cooking food, just upstairs, just evenings. I keep telling John it's kimchi from the neighbors next door. I don't like it!

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