Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Outings, and Braxton Hicks

When you don't go out much everything is exciting. Then the days we do go out are so tiring it feels like it should be the weekend already...

Yesterday we went out. First off was the chiropractor. The most exciting thing there was the man doing a foot detox bath in the office waiting room, which Baby M wanted to touch, and the violent flushing of the toilet in the restroom, which baby M thought was terrifying.

Next was the post office. The most exciting thing there was a ten year old screaming and flailing on the floor. Baby M was appalled.

Lastly we used our free treat at chikfila to get a peach tea-lemonade. However, I failed to notice that it was sweet tea- in fact, it was so sweet as to be undrinkable. It was insanely sweet; even John said so. Never getting that again!

Today was Cow Appreciation day at chikfila, so we went back for our free sandwiches. Baby M wore a black and white dress, which she hates, and refused to wear her crocheted hat with ears. And then didn't eat her sandwich anyway, so John did. And that was that.

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