Friday, August 9, 2013

How I Waste my Time

$1 Goodwill find: a lavender silk blouse, supposedly size small(whatever that means) but too big for me in any case.

I don't do big and shapeless very well.

But despite the size I can't pass by a nicely colored, 100% silk blouse that only costs one dollar. Thus, alterations ensue. I cut out the sleeves and side seams, took out at least two inches off each side seam and made the sleeves shorter. I also added a fake back seam, back and front darts.

Silk is finicky. It moves, wiggles, and laughs at you. It stains easily and washes poorly. But, if one can wrestle it into a decent position, silk makes for a really classy look.

Much more fitted, but the buttons on the sleeves need to be moved.
So now you know, this is how I spend the time that I don't have.

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