Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sitting in a House

I'm house-sitting again all this month, which I suppose is no excuse for neglect of the blog, but as you can see it hasn't been my priority. The schedule of my first week alone went like this:

I got up; took care of emails. Then I went to sew. Around 2pm I would finally remember to eat lunch. Then I would sew. Then around 7pm I would think of dinner. Evenings are reserved for sewing by hand, and bedtime is strictly before 10:30pm.

A week of that was enough, and I've learned to sprinkle my work with other happenings.

The Liberty Bedcover
I'm almost done with my Liberty quilt. I've quilted my way through Northanger Abbey, Mansfield park, and the whole Spiderman trilogy, and I only have a few teeny bits left. Goodness, the girls scream like crazy in the Spiderman movies. I should hope that if I ever end up hanging from a skyscraper, that(besides the fact I cannot physically scream like them) I will conduct myself with a little more aplomb. 

Housesitting:  I truly hate gardening, but I do love tidiness! Trying to keep plants alive on my watch. Rain helps.

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