Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday: The Army Retreat

Saturday was the Army Men's Retreat at Victory Ranch.

Most of the guys were practically babies, but some of them still had pretty intense stories. Since this was a guys retreat, the three college guy volunteers, three grandparent guy volunteers, and Mr. H led the devotional groups and spent time getting to know the guys on a deeper level.

The icebreaker game. It was mildly violent.

I was officially "boss" of the kitchen crew on Saturday while Mrs. H was gone. The kitchen crew consisted of three grandmas with catering experience and a college student. I couldn't have done it without them! Since you're yearning to know what we served, I'll tell you: Cinnamon rolls for coffee break; chili dogs for lunch with fruit, squash, beans, and layered pudding for dessert; spaghetti and garlic bread with peanut butter cookies for dinner. We still have almost three twelve pound pans of spaghetti left. And lots of pudding too, but I don't think anyone is complaining about that.

I am so enjoying having three sets of grandparents here. It's really fun! They're so grandparenty, and not in the way that Grandma D is at home, either. And they have great testimonies.

First time I'd ever heard the phrase "married to Jesus" actually spoken(my room-mate for Friday night). First time I'd talked to a Christian counseling student who was actually not talkative(nice guy, but don't worry Mom and Dad, not that kind of nice). First time I walked on the nature trail here. First time I've seen up-close how unflattering Army issued PT clothes are. You thought the Army-issued glasses were bad? Check out the Poly-nylon exercise shorts.

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