Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday: The Navy Retreat

On Sunday we had the Navy over. They didn't arrive until 2pm, so everyone was able to attend church. There must have been close to thirty people, guys and girls plus two Chaplains and an assistant. These were all Navy Reserves again: they come here for three weeks to get pre-deployment training. Most of them seemed to be supply or logistics, and several that I talked to had volunteered for deployment(is it just me, or is that crazy?). They were all college aged or older, and it seems most of them had been overseas before.

 This was a very full paddle boat. The little Asian guy in the back was afraid the boat was going to sink; I would have been too.

We served a snack, they had a devotional, and then came free time with fishing, napping, horseshoes, and boating. The weather was perfect. I ended up in a discussion with a career Filipino-American Navy woman. She tried all afternoon to convince me that I should join the Navy(so not happening). Then I rounded up a bunch of reluctant guys to play a drawing game around the table. Playing that game with a bunch of tattooed Navy guys was a first, but it went well.

We served dinner: White chicken chili and cornbread with peach crisp and ice cream for dessert. I sat next to an India-Indian-American from New York and a Haitian-American from some other big city. I had made the cornbread for dinner, and the guys at dinner tried to persuade me to open a bakery. I must look like I'm easily swayed, or something.They all headed out at 8pm, just before "Once Upon a Time."

Navy photo credits go to Grandma J.

The Grandpas and Mr. H chewing the fat after a long Monday.

Monday, we were tired. And there was a lizard in my bedroom . And I was just really tired. The Grandmas cleaned obsessively, and at the end of the day we said goodbye to the Mobleys as they packed up to move on down south.

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