Sunday, November 3, 2013

Camden, Day 2

Crown Point Baked goods, at the top of Sutler's Row.
Sunday morning I arrived in camp just in time for the final prayer of the protestant Church service. I decided to skip the Anglican service, so even though it felt odd I ended up not going to church at all. Some of my friends of the day before had already left camp for home, so I was largely on my own until Grandpa T and Mr. H arrived to see the battle.

 Grandpa T, a sucker for grandkids, bought some lemonade.

As I mentioned, the Patriots won on Saturday and the British won on Sunday. Here the Americans march to their 2pm demise on the lawn. The weather was perfect. This time around I was careful to get a seat on the good side, to get some pictures.

Check out the smoke-ring from cannon fire.

As much as I may like the American blue, the Loyalist and Hessian green is really growing on me. It's just a gorgeous color, and a surprisingly simple coat. This gentleman of the British Legion(made up of American Loyalists) has a cap made of leather, with a strip of bear's fur down the center.

Several people left Sunday morning or packed up and then left midday, and after the battle camp breakdown started pretty quick. Some people drove six hours to get there and then had to be back for work on Monday. After the battle I wandered around a bit more and was home by dinnertime.

First Rev War reenactment: Survived. Tired and sunburned, but it was fun.

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Cathy Long said...

Beautiful pictures, Emily! I wish I could have been there!