Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Comments on the Palmetto State

After almost six weeks in this southern state, I have a few observations to share with the world:

  • There's certainly older history here than in the midwest, despite the tragic destruction of the Civil war. I love old history, especially colonial history; especially interactive history. That's why I hauled my entire colonial outfit here in my suitcase for a weekend reenactment.
  • There are a lot of rude, stupid drivers in South Carolina. I'm sorry to be so harsh, but you know I would only use the S word if it were serious. Tailgating is common, speeding is normal, and cutting is everyday in this state. So rude!
  • But people have also been very welcoming to me. I'm grateful.
  • There are lots of trees. It's so much easier to get lost because you really can't see where you are or where you are going: there's just too many trees. If men did grow on trees, there would be a lot of them in South Carolina.
  • Also, there are no straight roads in SC. Every road is curved or crooked! There is no neat square mile street grid in this state!
  • People do sometimes talk funny(but maybe I'm just really bad at understanding people?) and people wear less. No comment on that, I'll leave it to your imagination.
  • Friend H and I agree that it's hilarious that there are signs everywhere that say "Bridges ice before road." Does anyone in this state actually know what ice is, outside of sweet tea?
  • Double e's: don't know how to end a South Carolina place name? Add a double E. Congaree, Santee, Elloree, Wateree, Jocasee, you get the picture. Apparently the double e is a remnant of an Indian language, and indicates those places are near water.

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