Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sewing for Pay is Happening

Besides changing retail jobs, I've started training for my new sewing job. People don't really understand when I say my new sewing job is making character hoodies. Check out the website, that's all I can say. With this job I'm officially a contractor, which sounds neat. When I hear "contractor" I always think of those hired guns who go to dangerous places. But no, I'm a sewing contractor: Dangerous with a needle, ferocious with the fleece.

Sewing a hoodie is happening TODAY.

I'm also sewing some new colonial clothing. This May my family is planning to visit Williamsburg, VA. Since we are going to the American Colonial mecca, the 18th-Century heaven-on-earth, I feel my early American wardrobe needs freshening. I'm still using my grey linen gown, which is one of my earlier pieces and not made entirely correctly. It's worth keeping through; I've stuck by my goal to have no more than two middle-class outfits for any era. I've got a new petticoat and matching trim in the works, in a pale icy blue cotton/linen that just speaks Scotland to me.

 New Blue Petticoat.

And that's what's happening!

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