Friday, May 2, 2014

Starting out at the Clothing Shed

Last week I worked my final day at O2FS, which I think relived most of my acquaintances. Then this week I started training at the Clothing Shed. It was great. The atmosphere is great; the managers are great(Really great); it was a fifteen minute drive from home and compared to O2FS it was amazingly stress-free. It was a wonderful day until the manager took me aside and told me she had found out(on my first day there) that the company would be closing our location within two months.

My career path seems fraught with doom.

I've only worked two days with the company, but long-term it seems a like good environment with promotion opportunities. I believe the employees at our location will be offered same-level positions at other local stores, the closest one to me being still a thirty minute drive away, but if I get offered a place at that one store near enough to be considered, I'll probably take it. Alas for the fifteen-minute commute. I loved thee well, short was the time we knew eachother.

I'm doing the new trim on my gown(Pleats again. Not terribly creative) and I've mended it for wear. Less than three weeks until departure so I need to get my colonial wardrobe looking sharp. You know, people who only wear fancy historical dress are really missing out. There's a lot to be said for a plain, simple work dress. My ancestors were never wealthy, anyway. If I take my real life position and transplant it back to the 18th century, I come out as a Scots-immigrant Presbyterian pastor's daughter, and dancing teacher, and a needlewoman. I think it makes for a very possible and believable middle-class persona.

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