Monday, January 19, 2015

Black Wool Breeches

 Finally finished this custom order of black wool breeches. The wool is broadcloth from Wm. Booth, and it's great fabric, but I don't think I'll advertise this type of breeches on Etsy. It's a very springy fabric so it makes doing any detailed work difficult, it shrinks like crazy so it's not really washable, and it's black, so of course my hair and every kind of lint sticks out like a Presbyterian in a Pentecostal church service. My hair! How can I still have so much on my head when it falls out all the time. I have to make sure I lint-roll all my orders before I ship them.

So with that said I think I'll stick with advertising the linen/cotton breeches. The fabric is affordable, wears well, and is great for warmer weather, which it seems is when the majority of large reenactments take place anyway. If someone really does need warm breeches, I would recommend modern wool suiting(NOT in black), which is cheaper and more washable, and then I would suggest lining them with flannel. You have to line wool breeches anyway, since wool can be itchy.

The knee placket: the part where I had trouble.

I also ordered heavy Osnabug linen from Burnley and Trowbridge for a custom order that fell through(it was for a fringed hunting frock). I think that the Osnaburg is not much different from the heavy-weight linen on, although it's $4 more per yard. So if any more hunting frocks are in my future, I'm definitely advising linen. Material cost is so high for reenacting outfits, that it makes custom orders very difficult to price.

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