Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Slicing through Life

I usually keep a knife under my pillow while I'm house-sitting. I also have a knife in my purse that I take out when I'm walking into work. The other day I noticed the knife from my purse was missing. That night when I was hugging my pillow goodnight I realized both knives were under my pillow. Not a good idea considering work is probably more dangerous than bed; but now I can tell people that I sleep on a bed of knives.

This is a life-jacket for the anniversary of the Titanic. It was kind of a pain to make the pockets, so that's why there's just four of them. And don't be fooled; this vest couldn't keep a helium balloon afloat. It's just foam in the pockets.

Anyway, I'm done house-sitting and back home now, and have lots of sewing to finish up. Three girls from performance group are getting their own linen Regency dresses this session, blue, green, and red; a refreshing change from the giant Easter Egg debacle.Some of the costumes theatricals ask for just don't make sense to me; this week I made a bill costume, as in, a bill of Congress. Some poor child has to dress up as a piece of paper for the annual school theatrical. Only they won't look like a piece of paper, they'll just look like a tube of sheeting with a cheesy placard and a ribbon around their waist.

Bill, the piece of paper

At least the Woman of Energy has never been disappointed with any of my work. It's either a testament to my skill in working with few resources, or to her very low standards.

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