Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Giving Thanks

I got home from South Carolina on Monday the 16th and plunged right into my last few weeks in Nebraska. I don't feel like there's so much to do to prepare for the actual wedding as there is to get ready to say goodbye and leave. I had my last day of work, which was a relief. Now I just have to buckle down and actually sew my wedding dress. It's going to be the most comfortable wedding dress ever, and it has a pocket.

We had friends and family staying with us in various increments for the Thanksgiving holiday, overall, roughly ten people staying at different times over ten days. But I spent the most time with one person in particular. A tall, red-haired person. It was good.

We had pre-marital counseling, visited a cemetery, and polished the silver. We made truffles and watched Emma and went to Church. We went to Handel's Messiah and went swing dancing and ate turkey. It was a good visit. I didn't take any pictures, at all.

After the guests all left on Monday, we were all totally exhausted, and are now recovering. Sleeping in is on the docket for this week!

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