Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Sabbath in South Carolina

Sunday morning we went to H&Z's PCA church, and since they're looking for a pastor right now the preacher for today was actually the pastor of Rose Hill PCA, which I visited last time I was in SC.

A Magnolia flower, from my last visit to SC.

 So the plan for Sunday was to go to the Rev War reenactment at Camden after church. BUT, because the temperature was 50F and it drizzled all day, we ended up not doing that. Alas for Camden.

Instead we went out to eat at a place called Cookout, and then tried to go to the State Museum thinking that today was the first Sunday of the month($1 admission) but it being the 8th today turned out to actually not be the first Sunday of the month; so we went to Mast's General Store in downtown Columbia, and then out to coffee. The General Store was neat; it had some good gift ideas for decent prices, though none of us bought anything. The coffee place was nice too, and totally empty.

Why is it so cold in South Carolina?

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